Manufacture Department

Wiring of different electrical engines, manufacturing the three-phase rings, Babbitt bearings of different types of tin-based and lead-based Babbitt according to Europe modern technology, as well as manufacturing of different types of crane’ leversz

Considering the increasing advancements and developments of technology in order to achieve the highest efficiency as well as the growing utilization of Polyyortan materials throughout the world because of their advantages including high tearing resistance, high abrasion resistance, and high flexibility, such materials enjoy a great status in plastic and rubber industries. Then the company can produce different types of Polyyortan parts for different industries. The grades of the materials are made up of the highest quality European ones.
Relying on its experience and equipment, the company is capable of producing different types of industrial parts such as parts for chemical industries, automobile manufacturing, mines, steel, petroleum, gas, petrochemistry, power plants, etc… (like the gasket available in the sour gas line of 36 inch of South Pars Gas Company). Additionally, the company can produce different plastic parts from various plastic materials such as ABS, PE, PP,PA, etc… .

Rahavard Sanat Apadana company has the ability and potential to design and manufacture the metal part of different types of rollers according to the conditions of their application. Considering the applications of such equipment, the company uses new methods to offer its manufacturing services to customers. Utilizing special long lasting rollers in the cement industries, carrying phosphate, and the transferring system of materials in mines,…are some of the features of structures manufactured by the company

This process is done based on modern Austrian technology. The pre-covering processes are done by absorbing and layer making powders ,made in Europe. Making infrastructures is completely done by Iranian and localized technology. Surface strength and cohesion of Babbitt per layer is extremely high and shows a proper function. In this process , x-ray and ultra sonic tests are done and necessary confirmation is issued by different laboratories

Types of couplings with different sizes and slew bearings with the diameter of 4160 mm

Repairing and overhaul of big slew bearings require special knowledge. Then retrieval and covering of surfaces will be done by European technology in order to reconstruct and use them
Manufacturing particular pumps in order to transfer chemicals by using Wagner Technology of Germany, providing engineering equipment for rail industries and manufacturing gear boxes for pulling rails with the cooperation of European companies